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Yvonne Jack 

Yvonne Jack is a self taught artist from Essex. She paints striking portraits of people and animals, in a unique mixture of traditional realism, surreal narrative and her own vibrant rainbow-hued style. Inspired by endangered and wild animals, and the unique personality and expression of both human and animal subjects, Yvonne's work is collected by animal lovers, rock and movie fans and art lovers worldwide.


Yvonne uses her vivid imagination to create portraits that are a fascinating unconventional interpretation of the subject, drawing on the life and work of the subject, creating a narrative not often seen in portraiture. Her aim is to produce something that stands out from the crowd, stirs the senses or tells a story. Her wildlife studies are painted realistically and you can see the life she breathes in to them, it has been said it is almost like they could walk off the canvas. 

Working from her home studio, Yvonne strives for perfection in her work, be it animals or portraiture, always challenging herself. Her style is a mash up of fantastical and imaginative portrait art, realistic nature studies and contemporary colourful art inspired by the colour spectrum.


Yvonne lives in Thundersley Village in Essex with her two teenagers, two dogs and two cats.

Yvonne currently exhibits in Hype Gallery, Leigh-on-Sea.


Thundersley Art Trail winner 2017 & 2019 

Wildlife category finalist - The Artists Lounge, Artist of the Year 2021

The Royal Miniature Society Annual Exhibition 2023

"I paint human and animal portraits because I like to try and capture the unique personality of a subject, whether person or animal" 

Yvonne Jack 

"We live in a rainbow of chaos"

Paul Cezanne 

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