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Miniature Art 

Most of my painting are quite large, so it was quite a surprise that Ive enjoyed painting these miniature paintings. It started as a challenge to see if I could paint on something so small and the response was so positive that I adventured into this new found love of mini art further. there's nothing I love more than a challenge ! Some are mini replicas of original art of mine which were fun to paint. 

Each canvas is 5x5cm, comes with its own mini easel and presentation box. Painted in acrylics with very tiny brushes and the help of my partners reading glasses !!! 

I intend to do these sporadically between my "normal size" art and sell them in batches. I will update this page with current miniature art and the all important on sale date. 

Next sale date : TBC

If you can't wait or miss out please use the contact form to commission a miniature.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together " 

Vincent Van Gogh 

Series 2

Release date 09/04/22

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Series 3

Release date 06/05/22

Series 4
Jubilee Series

Release date 30/06/22

Series 5

Release date 30/07/22

Series 6

Release date 30/11/22