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Inspired by the natural world and its inhabitants. I enjoy painting the complexity of fur, creating many layers which result in a realistic style. I try to capture the unique spirit and personality of the animal through the eyes.


Original art, painted using reference photos from amazing photographers who have kindly given their consent for me to use (credits below). Originals and giclee prints available in the shop.  

"Creativity takes courage"

Henri Matisse  

Photo Credit :

Elephant - David Ash 

Elephant (full size) - Marlene De Wet 

Lion - Russ Bridges 

Jaguar - Paul Fine 

Tiger (white background)- Paul Fine 

Highland Cow - Russ Bridges 

Tiger (turquoise and gold background) - Bob Barton 

Tiger (purple and gold background) - Paul Fine 

White Tiger - Lesley Bristol

Rhino - Karen Broemmelsick 

Orangutans - Paul Fine 

Lion (red, white and blue background) - Andrea Epton Ward

F-type (Jaguar) - Paul Fine 

Invictus I - Russ Bridges 

The Year of the Tiger - Pam Donovan

J2985 (Jaguar) - Edwin Butter  

L7517 (Lion) - Emannuelle Keller 

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