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'Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work'


In my own words ....


Unfortunately I can't tell you a deep meaningful reason for my art and you may of noticed that there isn't a consistent thread that holds it all together, well that's me, I don't really have a consistent thread that holds me together either. I guess I just don't like fitting into any one type, I like a bit of everything. I can't tell you what type of artist I am because I am still on a journey with my art, still exploring and playing. Theres something quite thrilling about venturing out of the comfort zone and the ability to change. 

When I was younger I read a lot, I loved stories, I have a vivid imagination and I used to really live and breathe the narrative. I love the way some people can weave words together to create an emotional response. Even with music it was always the lyrics that caught me. Words, quotes, lyrics, poetry and the interpretation really fascinates me. I guess being a bit of a daydreamer fuelled these things. Music is another passion that does inspire me in my art, to me music are short stories that can be visually interpreted through art. I am also passionate about animals, their unique markings and textures of skin or fur, the look in the eyes. 


Ive always loved drawing, painting and creating. I never furthered my art past school and never did much more other than sketching or doodling, until I joined an art class about 10 years ago. My passion was reignited. I painted my first rainbow animal then, mainly because all the bright colours in the palette weren't being used and I felt the need to even up my paintbox ! At the time I was using watercolour but when the classes ended I moved onto acrylic. I like acrylic for the strength of colour and its quick drying properties but I do sometimes venture back to watercolour, its like an old friend. 


In my art I strive for perfection. I need to keep challenging myself, being told something can't be done usually means Im going to do it ! I love to create portraits from my own imagination and when I do I spend a lot of time researching how Im going to paint the subject. It is part of the journey for me, what I paint can't be just random. I enjoy painting famous people portraits that are clever, something more than just the image of the person, I like to capture their spirit, lives and everything that makes them who they are. I want people to use their minds to see more in what I create.


I like to create art because Im good at it, that in itself is therapy, doing something you are good at makes you happy and brings you focus, which is why I also love painting animals especially big cats, I think they are beautiful, magnificent creatures with intense eyes and a commanding presence. But it is the fur I enjoy painting the most, the repetitive painting fur is almost like meditation. The focus and attention to detail has a very calming effect. I use reference photos from various fantastic photographers for my animal portraits. I am very grateful for their permission to use their photographs. When I choose a picture to paint, it has to evoke the spirit of the animal and its natural beauty, I know instantly when Im going to paint a particular animal because the picture will "talk" to me. I use the backgrounds to give my wildlife art a contemporary art feel. 


I guess Im still on my own journey trying to decide which type of artist I want to be, if any type at all. So for now you might see me paint a rock star in a fantasy/surreal setting one day or the next painting might be a rainbow tiger or a magnificent regal looking lion .... then again still life is something I have not tried yet ...... in the words of David Bowie " I don't know where Im going from here, but I promise it won't be boring"

Im very proud of my art and what I can create. Ultimately I want people to see the heart Ive put in to it. Every painting has a part of me in it, be that skill, emotion or intellect. I want people to buy my art because they love it as much as I loved making it. 

Yvonne xx

Gwynver Beach, Sennen, Cornwall

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

Albert Einstein 

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